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This isn't really an August favorites, but just some things I've been reaching to or loving this past couple of weeks.

1) One 'n Only Argan Oil Hair Treatment Spray (get yours here)
I have ombre-d hair so it's important for me to keep my ends pretty healthy and this does the job. I heard that argan oil is great for your hair so I thought I would pick this up when I went to Sally's the other day for some hair dye. It smells luxurious and it definitely gives my hair shine. It says that it leaves hair silky smooth and protects it from heat, and just as it says, it definitely makes my hair smooth. My hair doesn't feel oily and it's smooth throughout the whole day. 

2) Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (get yours here)
This has gotten a lot of hype before. I've finally given in to buying this a couple months ago. I used to use the EOS lipbalm but I felt like it didn't really give me moisturized lips. This little guy was about $23 and I decided "why not" and bought it. I looooooove it. It makes my lips smooth and gives it a little shine. I love the lemonade-like scent it has too. Definitely recommend it and definitely worth the price, at least for me.

3) Spiked Rusty Gold Necklace (from Forever 21, but I can't find it online)
This is similar to Regal Rose's spike necklace. I was going to get the Regal Rose one but I thought this was very similar and a lot cheaper. I love it! It's definitely a statement piece. I love wearing this necklace with a plain v-neck or cotton shirt and a cardigan. It gives a sophisticated look to the simple outfit.

Now, this isn't a favorite becuase I just got this yesterday! I absolutely love this. I bought this from Zara becuase I needed a jacket for the fall. I've been contemplating what kind of jacket to get and decided this one was perfect. This jacket was definitely a splurge for me and I do not regret one penny. The length is perfect and I could practically live inside it. It's so soft and comfy, I just want fall to come already so I could wear this with my Doc Marten's or booties. -jenny

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