last days of summer

 Summer just seems to fly on by. I finally got my school supplies & books yesterday...can't believe I start senior year next week. I finally got my backpack in the mail! I got it from Urban Outfitters and it's the Kanken backpack. I mentioned this bag in my back to school post and I'm so excited to use this for the school year. My parents were freaking out about how small it is, but although I see why they would say that, I feel like it's a decent size. I recently took some green thrifted jeans and turned them into slasher shorts-esque shorts (like the ones from Nasty Gal). I think they turned out pretty well! It was definitely a challenge to get those spikes in place, but it was worth it. - jenny (p.s. excuse the amateur quality of these photos, my camera is pretty low quality..)

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  1. Whoot whoot! Senior year~ ^__^ haha
    I LOVE the shorts~ Very cute!