a belated christmas post & update

 you can see me in the ornament ;)

I think this is my first post, other than the little update before, since September ..I think? I am so sorry that I was MIA for a while. I didn't think senior year would be this hectic but sadly it is...But! I just finished all of my college applications, which means that there will be more frequent posts from now on! I recently got a new camera as well (I hope you guys can tell ;) and I can definitely see myself taking more pictures and posting them on my blog. 

My family just took down the Christmas tree yesterday and I didn't want to take it down without the stereotypical Christmas pictures haha. I wanted to experiment with my new camera as well so I thought..why not? The natural light definitely enhances all of the features of the tree and the colors are just brilliant..in my opinion haha. 

I can't believe today is the last day before 2013! That is surreal.. I can't believe I will be graduating in about 5 months and that my 18th birthday is happening this new year! This year was definitely event-packed and it went so fast.. I didn't really get presents this Christmas, other than my new camera, just a bunch of vouchers and money becuase my mom said that's easier for her and I have more control haha. I think I'll post what I got soon, but it's really not much. I hope you guys are having a wonderful break and Happy New Year!
 - jenny

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a long overdue notice

It's been about 3 months since my last post....that's just terrible. I am so sorry guys! I didn't think senior year was going to be this hectic but sadly, it is. I just got a new camera for Christmas and will definitely try to post more now. Maybe more follow me around type of posts? I will try to post as often as I can so please keep checking! I am still alive :)! -jenny

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my favorite youtubers/bloggers

 source; youtube

1. Beautycrush (find her here)

Here's my first favorite youtuber, Sammi from Beautycrush. She's from Britain and is just so much fun to watch. If I see a new video of her on my feed, I got to watch it. Her personality is so bubbly and she seems super sweet. I love her everyday makeup; I guess you could say my everyday makeup look is somewhat inspired by her look :)) All of her videos seems so cute and clean and I love how she edits them as well. Everyone should also check out her boyfriend who has an account too (RickyRichardstv). He's super funny and seems like the sweetest guy; I love them together!

 source; youtube

2. sunbeemsjess (find her here)

This is my second youtuber, Jessica from sunbeemsjess. She's so lovely and I really wish I was her, haha. I absolutely love her style and am so jealous of her shoes and handbag collection. I feel like her style is similar to mine. This might be a little weird but, I love her earrings. I personally don't have any piercings at the moment and I think I want my ears to be full of piercings like hers. I think I definitely see her as one of my style inspirations (I recently ordered a necklace from chicnova becuase she wore it...lulz)

 source; youtube

3. zoella280390 (find her here)

The third youtuber is Zoe from zoella280390. I bet I'm not the only one who thinks she's super uber pretty. I love her style and wish I had her hair.. I told my friend that she reminds me of her and she was so flattered, but really...I feel like they look a like, haha. Anyways, Zoe is so bubbly and seems like she's really down to earth and that makes me love watching her. I first saw her on the youtube front page and thought, wow, this girl has amazing clothes, and I think my style also evolved becuase of her's. 

source; youtube

4. fashionista804 (find her here)

The fourth youtuber is Sophie/Sophia from fashionista804. This girl is someone I would love to be friend with. My friend and I absolutely love her videos. She's so bubbly and funny and I just love her videos! Haha. She's also a fellow Korean and I love that she plays Korean songs in the introduction of her videos. I wish I could have her closet...she has the most amazing array of clothes and I am definitely jealous of it. She's also a really good singer, and I wish she would sing more at the end of videos! 

 source; youtube

5. itsJudysLife (find her here)

The fifth youtuber is Judy from itsJudysLife, oh and we can't forget about Benji. These two are just so freaking adorable! Judy has a beauty channel (itsJudytime) and this other channel was started when they decided to do Vlogtober. Becuase of such positive reviews, they've been doing vlogs every day. If I don't watch their vlogs, I feel like I'm missing a part of my day. Everyone should check them out, they're my favorite couple on youtube for sure. 

source; tumblr

6. prettycitylife (find her here)

My last blogger, in this case, is Alexis from prettycitylife on tumblr. I found about her tumblr blog during my weight loss phase and found her as an inspiration. Everyone should check her weightloss story becuase it's definitely life-changing and I look up to her for pulling through. She's now a fashion major at LIM and sometimes I wish I was living her life. I love the pictures she posts and even her instagram is fashionable, haha. My workout plan is inspired by hers and my mentality towards clean eating is inspired by her as well. Sometimes if I want to eat something unhealthy I ask myself, do you think is something she will eat? probably not, and then I proceed to eat something healthy. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my favorite youtubers/blogger at the moment. Please visit back often becuase I'll definitely have a new post or two every week :)) - jenny

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im playin video games

source; tumblr

Sorry for the lack of posts. I just started school this week and it's been pretty hectic. This is just a list of pictures that I've been loving from this week, and of course, a little Tom Hardy here to spice it up haha. My next post is probably going to be either my favorite youtubers or a wishlist; we'll see how everything goes at school first. Please check back regularly! You never know when I'll update haha....oh school - jenny

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dolce & gabbana ; chanel

source; google & tumblr

These are runway photos from Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012 line and Chanel Resort 2013 line. I absolutely love these two! I love the structured pieces and the color scheme of both. I heard that the trend for fall is black and gold and the other D&G pieces all are black and gold. I love the basic colours in the D&G line and how it creates that modern yet medieval-esque look. The Chanel clothes are just so cute and quirky! It's also structured like the D&G yet it's more feminine. -jenny

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new in + current favorites

This isn't really an August favorites, but just some things I've been reaching to or loving this past couple of weeks.

1) One 'n Only Argan Oil Hair Treatment Spray (get yours here)
I have ombre-d hair so it's important for me to keep my ends pretty healthy and this does the job. I heard that argan oil is great for your hair so I thought I would pick this up when I went to Sally's the other day for some hair dye. It smells luxurious and it definitely gives my hair shine. It says that it leaves hair silky smooth and protects it from heat, and just as it says, it definitely makes my hair smooth. My hair doesn't feel oily and it's smooth throughout the whole day. 

2) Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (get yours here)
This has gotten a lot of hype before. I've finally given in to buying this a couple months ago. I used to use the EOS lipbalm but I felt like it didn't really give me moisturized lips. This little guy was about $23 and I decided "why not" and bought it. I looooooove it. It makes my lips smooth and gives it a little shine. I love the lemonade-like scent it has too. Definitely recommend it and definitely worth the price, at least for me.

3) Spiked Rusty Gold Necklace (from Forever 21, but I can't find it online)
This is similar to Regal Rose's spike necklace. I was going to get the Regal Rose one but I thought this was very similar and a lot cheaper. I love it! It's definitely a statement piece. I love wearing this necklace with a plain v-neck or cotton shirt and a cardigan. It gives a sophisticated look to the simple outfit.

Now, this isn't a favorite becuase I just got this yesterday! I absolutely love this. I bought this from Zara becuase I needed a jacket for the fall. I've been contemplating what kind of jacket to get and decided this one was perfect. This jacket was definitely a splurge for me and I do not regret one penny. The length is perfect and I could practically live inside it. It's so soft and comfy, I just want fall to come already so I could wear this with my Doc Marten's or booties. -jenny

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last days of summer

 Summer just seems to fly on by. I finally got my school supplies & books yesterday...can't believe I start senior year next week. I finally got my backpack in the mail! I got it from Urban Outfitters and it's the Kanken backpack. I mentioned this bag in my back to school post and I'm so excited to use this for the school year. My parents were freaking out about how small it is, but although I see why they would say that, I feel like it's a decent size. I recently took some green thrifted jeans and turned them into slasher shorts-esque shorts (like the ones from Nasty Gal). I think they turned out pretty well! It was definitely a challenge to get those spikes in place, but it was worth it. - jenny (p.s. excuse the amateur quality of these photos, my camera is pretty low quality..)

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frank + derol

source; youtube

Hey guys! I just wanted to share this awesome song that's been on replay for me for the past week. This is a song called Barely Love You Too by Frank + Derol. If you guys didn't know before, Brandi Cyrus is in this group. And, if you guys don't know who I'm talking about, Brandi Cyrus is Miley Cyrus's sister! I can definitely see that the music gene runs in their family. Brandi and Codi Caracao formed this group after they bonded over their love for music. This is the only song they have out so far, but I'm excited for their next songs. I love the tune of the song and it's just a really easy listening song. I hope you guys like this song as much as I do :) -jenny
Check out Frank +  Derol here

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thinkin bout you - frank ocean


latest loves

source; tumblr

Sorry for the lack of posts, I had no idea what my next post would be! I decided it's another inspiration post haha. I would make more photo posts, but my camera's quality is pretty sub-par. The other photo post took lots of time in the Photoshop department in order for it to look pretty decent. Maybe a photo post is in the future, who knows? Anyways, these are some pictures that I'm in love with this past week. Just simple yet dramatic. I might do another style spotlight post soon, we'll see. 

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