no girl can have too many shoes

Recently I found out that Nastygal was having a giveaway! Nastygal will pick one winner and that winner can chose a any shoe each month, from their website, and they'll get it...for free! I thought that was amazing. Think about it. A new shoe each month...from Nastygal. I thought I would share the shoes that I would choose if I were picked. (Don't worry, I only listed 8 not 12 haha)

1. Helga Platform Boot by Deandri (get yours here)
This boot was actually intimidating at first but, when I saw the fashion citizen (on youtube) rave about these shoes, it started to grow on me. It's definitely out there but I think it'll work with many different outfits. It's simple yet sophisticated, which is something I love. I think the colour of these boots just scream spring to me, don't you guys think?

2. Big Foxy Platform by Jeffrey Campbell (get yours here)
These are definitely a classic. I find these type of shoes an essential in any girl's closet. These could be worn to a casual or formal dinner as well as a night on the town. I think these could even be worn for job interviews! Jeffrey Campbell is known for incredibly outrageous yet comfortable shoes, and these are ones that shouldn't be missed.

3. Stunner Platform by Jeffrey Campbell (get yours here)
Another JC shoe! The first time I saw these was on sunbeamsjess (on youtube) Birthday haul and ever since then, these were on my list of shoes to get. They're so casual and I think you could wear them with pretty much anything! They remind me of mary janes, but a JC version haha. 

4. Audrey Spike Wedge by Jeffrey Campbell (get yours here)
I actually didn't notice how 90% of the shoes I have my eye on are Jeffrey Campbells...oops! Once again, I came across these type of shoes on sunbeamsjess's JC collection. At first, I thought they were a little odd, because I never liked plastic on a shoe but I realized it looked fine on. I personally prefer wedges over pumps and these I could wear in a casual or formal occasion. 

5. Nita Velvet Oxford by Miista (get yours here)
I'm not really a huge oxfords fan, but this colour is gorgeous. I saw these shoes on Solestruck's instagram and fell in love! I personally adore velvet and this oxblood red made this shoe amazing. The tiny starts on the shoe aren't tacky and the little gold cross is like a cherry on top for this shoe. When I saw that they were on sale I knew I had to get my hands on it. Sadly...my size is gone :(

6. Coltrane Cutout Boot by Jeffrey Campbell (get yours here)
Haha, another JC shoe. Actually, though, I think these Coltranes are kind of a replica of the Givenchy shoes? I saw Miley Cyrus wear something that were similar to the Coltranes and told myself that I needed a pair of those. My friend mentioned how they look kind of scary and chunky but I kind of like that about this shoe. 

7. Tripoli Cutout Boot by Jeffrey Campbell (get yours here)
Oh my god, another JC shoe. I swear, this post should be called 'Must buy Jeffrey Campbell Shoes!' haha. These are like the Coltranes, but more delicate, in my opinion. They seem more feminine because they're less chunky. The bulky buckles are my favorite. They make your ankles seem more delicate because of its bulky-ness.

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Any particular shoe that you want at the moment?


  1. Whaat? I didn't know about them hosting a giveaway, that's rad

  2. A girl can NEVER have too many shoes!

  3. I love shoes so much!!

    xx MJ

  4. Love all of these especially the ones on the top right!


  5. I love these kinds of shoes !! OMG! <3
    Thanks for sharing..

    Love, x