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 So, this isn't the normal fashion/music post, but I had to make this post. I was always the girl who preferred comedies or chick flicks but lately, those have been boring for me. I've been loving action/superhero movies. Why? Well, there's many reasons why. 1) Superheros are so bad-ass and 2) the incredibly attractive actors who play them and the enemies as well. For example, I wasn't a big fan of Batman, well I liked the Dark Knight because Heath Ledger was amazing in that movie, but Batman wasn't something I would want to see. After seeing The Dark Knight Rises...oh my god. If you haven't seen this movie, you're definitely missing out. I want to give Christopher Nolan all the awards because this movie was so well made. Christian Bale is an incredible actor, and so is Anne Hathaway along with Tom Hardy (oh yum). I looooove Tom Hardy at the moment, his accent, and technically Bane's, is so awesome. Also, I had a little fan-girl moment when Cillian Murphy made an appearance; I absolutely love him too. Hah, this whole post is just me going on about my love for these actors. But, yeah, lately I've been loving the superhero movies like: Thor (just saw that yesterday), Spiderman, and obviously Batman. I'm finally going to watch The Avengers today, and I bet that'll be on my favorites as well. -jenny

p.s. this seems like a chunky post, sorry haha ;)

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