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Oh good god, these are to die for! I saw these in a haul video I was watching yesterday and didn't realize how amazing these are. The black seems super classy and could be a staple item like plain black Converse. The burgundy suede one, on the other hand, could be used as a "pop" of colour, haha. I love the suede and the color, I've been digging suede things lately..& velvet, which is a shame (right now) since it's summer...I really want a velvet bodycon dress. I absolutely love these shoes, but I found out that these cost quite a lot of $$ :'( I guess I'll be saving my money from now on.... - jenny

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back to school

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I can't believe school starts in less than a month. I wish summer break was a lot longer, but obviously this is what every student wants and thinks about. I just found out my senior schedule and I'm actually quite satisfied, it's not too shabby. In a way, I'm sort of excited for senior year; gotta make the best of it. Anyways, since it's back to school, I made a collection of backpacks that I would use for school. I've always loved the cross-body bags but, for school, I prefer the old fashioned backpacks. These are all from Urban Outfitters (just becuase I was on their site this morning, ha) and I would definitely get these if they weren't so expensive..darn you UO. I think my backpack for this year will be the Fjallraven Kanken Backpack (buy here) that's the one on the top right corner. I've been wanting this backpack for a long time, and now it's time! I hope you guys liked this short post. I'll definitely post more tonight :) - jenny

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Hey guys! So, sorry for a post-less Saturday. I was out most of the day and was way too tired to post something. Although, I watched Batman Begins, and it was amazing. I think I'm developing a crush for Christian Bale and Cillian Murphy, yum haha. Anyways, this is a song that's been on replay for this whole week. I love jayesslee (check them out here) and if you guys don't know who they are, ya'll are missing out! They're twin, as you guys can tell, sisters and are amazing at singing. I can't believe I just heard about this song a couple days ago...& I was a Hunger Game fanatic! I hope you guys like this as much as I like it :) - jenny

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lust list

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1. Underground Wulfrun Burgurndy Patent Creepers $157.42  (buy here)
I've been in love with creepers lately. I found them quite obnoxious becuase of their platforms, but as I see girls "girl" them up and experiment them out I've become envious of them. I was looking through asos and I was drooling over all of the creepers that were available. Sototallyvlog (via youtube) has patent/leather creepers in a rose gold and I absolutely adore those! But, these are unique as well, although if I could find the rose gold ones I would buy those in a second ;) 

2. Vince Camuto "Brooklee" Boot in Rich Cocoa $258.95 $169.90 (buy here)
These are a little of the pricey side, at least for me. But! They've gone on sale! Maybe I'll see if I have enough to splurge on these haha. I've been wanting riding boots recently and I found these to be the perfect pair. These boots have the classic brown look while having the sprayed look of black on the tip and the heel. I love the gold detail on the ankle; it goes with the brown really well. 

3. Hellraiser Loafer - Leopard $178.00 (buy here)
These are the infamous hellraiser loafers by Unif. Along with the creepers, these are also very popular in the fashion community. Just like the creepers, I found these pretty obnoxious, but as I keep seeing them on girls, they've gotten used to. I love leopard or any animal print loafers, and loafers in general! The spikes are also a plus. I think they'll be a really good statement piece to add to any simple outfit, y'know, to spice it up.

4. Chanel Canvas Shoes - Denim $~375.00
These are just so lust-worthy. The ones that I would get are the denim colored ones, although the red seems nice too. I've recently seen Miley Cyrus wear these in denim and they're adorable! I've been loving Miley Cyrus's style lately; she's been so spot on with all of her outfits. If I could, I would totally splurge on these, but I guess that would have to wait...haha. I guess you could say these are the high fashion version of Toms. 

I've been shoe crazy lately and these are the top ones that I would get if I could..Hopefully you guys agree these are pretty awesome; I love them - jenny

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let's take a walk

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This will be the first post of new blog! I've been loving all things simple. This blog will contain fashion inspired posts as well as my latest obsessions, daily life things, and music posts. The shoes are on my drool list; but I can't find them! And of course, Andrew Garfield is always welcomed on my blog.  - jenny

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