a belated christmas post & update

 you can see me in the ornament ;)

I think this is my first post, other than the little update before, since September ..I think? I am so sorry that I was MIA for a while. I didn't think senior year would be this hectic but sadly it is...But! I just finished all of my college applications, which means that there will be more frequent posts from now on! I recently got a new camera as well (I hope you guys can tell ;) and I can definitely see myself taking more pictures and posting them on my blog. 

My family just took down the Christmas tree yesterday and I didn't want to take it down without the stereotypical Christmas pictures haha. I wanted to experiment with my new camera as well so I thought..why not? The natural light definitely enhances all of the features of the tree and the colors are just brilliant..in my opinion haha. 

I can't believe today is the last day before 2013! That is surreal.. I can't believe I will be graduating in about 5 months and that my 18th birthday is happening this new year! This year was definitely event-packed and it went so fast.. I didn't really get presents this Christmas, other than my new camera, just a bunch of vouchers and money becuase my mom said that's easier for her and I have more control haha. I think I'll post what I got soon, but it's really not much. I hope you guys are having a wonderful break and Happy New Year!
 - jenny

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