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By now, you guys probably forgot who I was since my last post was in September...3 months ago. I'm so super sorry for my lack of posts! I'm currently in my last week of my fall quarter at college and by next week I'll be back home for the holidays and winter break! I thought that I could keep updating whilst in college but I've realized that this is actually harder than it seems, haha. I've been getting used to this school and keeping up with my studies. It's odd to now be in college and have to do "grown up" things when just a few months ago, I was still a high school senior. Time sure does fly, doesn't it?

It's finally December guys! Like, you guys have no idea how excited I am. Being in Southern California, far way from home (Chicago), I definitely miss the freezing cold and the snow! But I am so stoked to go back home and soak it all in. It's odd to be able not be freezing without a scarf and boots. I don't think I've had a red nose for a while, haha. Christmas is only a short amount of days away and I think that is absolutely crazy. I swear it was just yesterday when I was still counting the days until I go home. But now....it's only a week away! I think you guys can tell that I'm super excited that it's December and almost Christmas. Christmas is definitely an amazing time of year. 

I can't wait to get back in my own bed and be surrounded by my friends from high school and family. It's weird that I haven't seen my friends in three months when I've seen then everyday for the past 4 years. I definitely feel like I've grown up even thought I've only experienced college for 3 months. I think being by myself and being so far away has helped me become a stronger person and handle myself better. I was thinking about doing Blogmas, but I feel like I'm a little late. But I will definitely be going back to regular posts by next week, so stay tuned guys!

I hope everyone is having a great time at college or Uni and enjoying the awesome Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza spirit. Winter is definitely that family/cozy time of year and I hope everyone feels the same way too! I will be back with more exciting posts :) 

xx Jenny

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