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Hey guys, I'm back with a new type of post, a review to be exact. I recently got contacted by VINCA Jewelry and they sent me a necklace and it is absolutely beautiful. VINCA is an Austin-based jewelry brand and you can visit them here. Their jewelry is made using a laser cut method and it's cute and incredibly simple. 

This necklace is so simple that it could go with any outfit that you wear. I live in Illinois and have recently been incredibly proud of my home state. This necklace is a fashion statement as well as a personal keepsake that I could always wear around my neck. There are other types of jewelry that VINCA does and there's a wide range. Many of their stuff is quirky but definitely wearable. You can wear them to be a statement or just everyday jewelry. 

Here are their links: website | facebook | twitter

xx Jennny

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