beauty haul: college edition

from left to right, clockwise: Benefit Hoola Bronzer, Benefit Benetint, Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Foundation, Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, NYX Blush in Mauve

I think this is my first haul post and recently I've been on a beauty kick. I have enough clothes and realized I needed to update my makeup collection before I head off to college. All of these purchases were definitely an investment for me. I was the person who just wore a tinted sunscreen, used concealer most of the time, mascara, eyeliner, and the occasionally bronzer and blush. I never thought foundation was necessary or "contouring" for that matter. Maybe it's because I've been watching countless beauty guru videos lately but I've been loving makeup. Fashion is still in my mind too but I need to hold off on buying things until I get to California, haha (speaking of, only 2 more weeks left in Chicago!).

I decided to get this bronzer after running out of my cheap E.L.F. bronzer. I needed a brown color based bronzer to use for contour and heard that hoola was a great one. I was going to get Nars Laguna but at the time it was a little pricey for me, haha. Maybe next time though! I've used this for a couple of weeks so far and I'm like it very much. I love how its not orange-based and how I can go for a subtle bronzed look or the full on bronzed look. Although a downside is that the color is quite sheer so I have to go back to get the look I want.
2. Benefit Benetint $30.00
This probably a cult favorite and everyone probably knows about this already. I've been hesitant about this but realized that this is great for those days when I'm in a hurry and need to look awake and not sick or dead (oh, the downsides of having such pale skin & dark circles). I love the color on my lips and I love how the tint on my cheeks last forever! 
I never actually thought of buying this foundation. I've been trying out samples in order to find the perfect foundation for me and haven't found one yet. When I was shopping around with Julia (visit her blog here) we decided to stop in the Benefit store. The ladies there were so sweet and asked us what we were there for. I told them I had been thinking about getting the Benetint and then she just did a whole make-over on me. She used this foundation and I absolutely fell in love! It looked super natural, with enough coverage, and brightened up my face. She finished it off with the Hello Flawless Powder and I think I'm going to go back for that. 

Yes, the infamous Naked Palette from Urban Decay. I decided to go with this one because it had more neutral colors (like the black) than the original Naked. Everyone probably already knows about this so I don't have to "rave" about it, haha. I decided to invest in this because I didn't want to buy different eyeshadows to get the colors I wanted. This palette is perfect for me because I'm not the person to experiment with different colors for my eyeshadow. In fact, I don't usually wear eyeshadow! I love all of these neutral colors and I probably should play around with it before I leave, haha. 
I bought this blush because I wanted a pinky and less coral blush than the ones I had (which were the Nars Laguna and MAC Peachykeen). Also, this is what Claire from HeyClaire recommends as her favorite blush. And since I absolutely love her, I had to get this. I love the color so much. It's subtle but gives your the natural flushed look which is always great. 

All of these purchases came from separate shopping occasions as I got ready for college. I really recommend all of these products because although some are pricey, I have absolutely no regrets!

xx Jenny

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  3. Such amazing picks! The Naked Collection by Urban Decay is my favourite!!

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