Holiday Beauty Wishlist

I don't know anyone who is not as excited as Christmas as I am. The snow, the spices, the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family, being with friends and family, the fun things with gifts, it's pretty much endless. I thought I would do a little holiday wish list of some beauty products I want. I think I'm going to get some of these, but we'll see, haha. 

I first heard about this product from Claire of Hey Claire and saw that she had lashes that were similar to mine. Asian lashes, especially ones that are sparse, are incredibly difficult to take care of. I want those spiderly lashes but without the abundance of lashes, it's kind of difficult. I know mascaras are different for all lash types but I think this could give me some good results. I also think this is a reasonably priced mascara. 

One of my favorite all time designer brands is Marc Jacobs and when I saw that he had a beauty line, I freaked. I haven't bought anything from the line yet though because I was waiting to see if the price was worth it. The packaging is absolutely amazing. It's definitely a little pricey for nail polish but the bottle is pretty big. Also, you have to take into consideration that this is branded as Marc Jacobs and the packaging is very well done. I've been looking for a forest green nail polish and this color was exactly what I've been looking for. Also, the name is Nirvana, how can you pass that up?

I feel like I've included this in every beauty wish list...or many I'm just imaging things, haha. I've been wanting this blush (not particularly this color) but I haven't gotten to purchasing it, I don't know why. I wanted to try out Blissful because that seems like the one that most beauty youtubers use but I already have a color like that, actually several. Exposed is more natural and gives my pale skin a more natural looking flush. I think this is perfect for those "no makeup" makeup days and this blush will make you look alive. 

I think this is a great deal for this many shadows and a sample size of one of Smashbox's famous mascaras. I also heard about this from Claire (HeyClaire) and saw a tutorial where she mainly used this palette. I'm still new to using eyeshadow and creating eye looks with shadows so I mainly use neutrals. I love how this has all the neutral colors one could use and the shimmer version of the exact same color. Palettes usually have all different colors but I love how this has the same color, essentially, but with two types (shimmer and matte). 

5. Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment $69 for 1.7 oz, $19 for 0.5 oz
This is a raved about product and this is definitely worth the rave. I tried this out a while a go because this is pretty famous in the beauty community and I saw the little 0.5 ounce size in the queue at Sephora (I swear, having all of those products there makes me buy some pointless things). I have really sensitive skin and wasn't sure that my skin was going to respond nicely to this product. Thankfully, it worked! My skin felt absolutely amazing afterwards and my mom raved about it too. I really want to buy the full size but it's incredibly expensive. I think I might just buy the 0.5 ounce one again when I get home, haha. 

Yes, I still have not bought this or any color glossy stain from YSL. I think this was in my other beauty wish list too. I don't know, I have a hard time buying certain beauty products because it's just so expensive! I know that I will be using it well and it'll be nice but I don't know! I can splurge on clothes but I don't think I'm the type of person to splurge on beauty products. I understand that this isn't that expensive but to me, a $34 lip product is pretty expensive. Anyways, this is also raved about and I've tried out my mom's glossy stains and they're absolutely amazing. I love the consistency and the stain that it leaves afterwards. Let's see if I actually buy this in my next beauty haul, haha. 

I hope you all enjoyed what is on my wish list for Christmas! I think I might do a clothing version, but we'll see! If any of you guys have used one of these products please feel free to comment your opinion! 
xx Jenny

I absolutely love this song right now, let's spread the holiday cheer! xoxo

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