Hello all! I'm so incredibly sorry for not posting for over a month...oh man. I guess school has been a priority for me lately but now I'm a second semester senior! Awe, yeah. That means I'll be posting more regularly from now on. 

Remember when I said my style is ever-changing  Well..I'm still stuck in the black & white zone. I've been attracted to burgundy and many pastel colors, but I don't really wear them. I love the colors, but it's odd how I have nothing that is that color. I wonder if the weather of Chicago is influencing my taste in colors...I 
really hope my palette turns more colorful as the weather gets warmer. 

 I mean, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love neutrals: browns, blacks, greys, whites. But, I feel like it makes me look bland? Or, boyish? I've just been trying to adjust my style; a mix of "grunge", "bohemian", and "street". Haha, is that too much? I know that my style should be whatever I want it to be, but I've been having "fashion" block (a fashion version of writer's block, duh) and it's incredibly frustrating during the school week. 

source; tumblr

Not going to lie, the weekends are the most stress-free because I don't have to worry about my outfits. But you know how when you throw things together during the week it looks terrible, but, when you throw anything together on the weekends it looks amazing? Yeah, that's my life. These pictures kind of reflect my style right now. Simple yet something charming about them. Am I the only one who thinks Europe cities are breathtaking? Because they definitely are. 

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How do you define your style?


  1. These are great inspiration photos! (:


  2. I am obsessed with you and your blog. You are so fabulous and you have wonderful taste!
    If you could give me your thoughts on my latest post that would rock! If you want to follow that would be even better!

  3. hope school is going ok,
    i love these pictures too :)

    dont know how to follow you :(
    loving your blog!

    BreezeyBee Blog


  4. What lovely images!


  5. Love those kitten tattoes, such inspirational post! x

  6. The cat tattoos are so cute!!

    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  7. Amazing photos!

    xx MJ