oh so lovely

There's less than a month until I move to California! I can't believe it's already towards the end of August. I think this summer went by the fastest. My high school started school today and I'm still enjoying my summer break....it's so weird to think that. Anywho, hello everyone! I've just been enjoying my summer and relaxing with friends, you know, before they all leave. It's kind of surreal that I won't be having classes with all of them this year and won't be seeing them everyday like I used to. 

I feel like I say this in every inspiration post but, my style keeps changing! But I think it's settling down...I hope, haha. I was showing my mom my Pintrest and she commented how much my style has gotten girly-er. I remember I dressed pretty boyish in middle school and elementary school. Not sure what happened between those years and now but I can't complain! I've been loving soft pinks, i.e. mauve, dark purples and dark or light greys. Anything that seems delicate and lovely, I just immediately fall in love! I want my hair to be light and delicate and braids and curls are the hairstyles I've been wearing lately. There is the occasionally blowout and that makes me feel like a goddess, haha. 

I also kind of think my hair color is making me feel more girly. I had dark dark brown hair and I dyed my hair to a light brown a couple of months ago. After that, I've been reaching for more feminine colors and wanting to look more..flirtatious? This sounds so odd! I absolutely love this hair color and could never think about going back to that dark hair color. I would love to go even lighter, but the maintenance is definitely hard for a college student like me. I'm getting my roots done soon and I can't wait to be freshly light brown again. 

As you can tell, all of my inspiration pictures from the most recent months are all aspects of girly. Somewhat flirty but yet delicate....or am I just imagining things? Don't worry, I'll be taking more adventure pictures on my journey to California. There's also going to be a loving at the moment' post coming soon! There are so many products that have made me fall in love and I've been wanting to share them with you! Please stay tuned for that post (: 
xx Jenny

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ps. I just discovered an awesome band called Phantogram and you guys should really check them out!


  1. i love all the inspiration!! i've been inspired by the same simple yet delicate type of feel too!!


  2. lovely post !