july favorites + relaxing day in the city

I leave for college in about a month, it's kind of crazy. I swear it was just yesterday that I graduated high school and summer started..but now it's already August! You know what that means, July favorites! Favorites this month include makeup products and an accessory. These are the products that I've basically swore by this past month.

I have this concealer in Ivory. I thought about purchasing this product a couple months ago but I wasn't sure if it was going to be worth all the hype. Many beauty gurus say that this is a pretty good dupe of the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat. After I heard that, I was bought. I've wanted to buy the YSL Touche Eclat after my friend recommended it to me. Although I haven't tried the Touche Eclat, I think this highlighting concealer is a good drugstore buy in place of the high end product. It helps my dark circles immensely and dark circles are something I care deeply about.
I used up my old mascara and was looking for a new mascara that I could swear by. I first wanted to get the sample size of the Benefit's They're Real mascara because I was afraid that it wouldn't do the job for me. Well now I know that after I use this little tube up, I will be buying the full size. During the summer, I tend to wear mascara and some black eye shadow as a convenient eyeliner replacement. Usually my eyes look bare but this mascara gives me the look that I'm wearing eyeliner when I'm not. The curls also stay in throughout the day and there is no clumping. 
My mom was the one who recommended me this product as a transition from lip balms to lipsticks. I told her that I didn't want to plunge into lipsticks and she said this is a good starter. It has a consistency of a lip balm but there is definitely a good enough color that makes your lips pop. I love popping this on my lips instead of lip balm because it brightens my face up. I cannot go anywhere without bringing this balm because it's just so great! I love it!

I guess you could say that this month was all about the lips, haha. I've really gotten into taking better care of my lips because I tend to get pretty dry lips. After hearing beauty guru after guru talk about this lip butter, I thought I would give it a try. First off, everyone is right. The smell of this lip butter is amazing. It reminds me of a Popsicle or some sort of berry candy. Although the balm itself is a little pinky, I don't think it gives that color off on your lips. I love putting this on my lips before I go to sleep because then in the morning, my lips are moisturized and I can wear lipstick without the dry looking lips.
5. David Yurman Necklace with the Wheat Chain and Star Charm
I'm actually not quite sure what the charm is called but I know for sure that the chain is Wheat. I've been wearing this everywhere I go. I got this as a graduation gift from my mom and I absolutely love it. I love the chain and how it's not too long or short that it chokes my neck. The charm is also classy and cute. I've been wanting a necklace that goes with every outfit possible and this definitely is it. 

I have this in the color N21 (or Ice Vanilla). This product was also brought to my attention by my mom. I was looking for a good BB cream and/or foundation for a staple but I had no idea where to start. My mom said that this is the craze in Korea and I wondered why. After using this product, I see why. It's like a BB cream and sunscreen in one. It's a very interesting applicator...or whatever you would call this. It's like a compact and it comes with a pad. You flip open the tab and you see the "cushion" which is like the beauty sponges with the product. Then, with the pad, you dab it on the cushion to get the product. Afterwards, all you have to do is dab that onto your face and it'll give you that natural look. I really like this product because it's incredibly light and gives me decent coverage. 

I went to Chicago, downtown, this past Saturday and just wanted to show you what I've been up to. I went with my friends Julia (check out her blog here) and we decided to just spend a day in the city. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was a great day. The funny thing is, I've lived in a Chicago suburb all my life but never actually took pictures of the city, not sure why. I decided today was a good day to start. 

You might be wondering why I didn't go to Lollapalooza. Well, there were many bands that I would have wanted to see but I guess I thought that there was always next year. Also, since I'll be in California, I'll probably go to Coachella this coming year and maybe even go to Lollapalooza when I come home for break. Even though we weren't at Lolla, we could hear the performances from Millennium Park. We actually decided to go to Millennium Park because we heard that Claire (HeyClaire/Claire Marshall) was going to do a meet-up. Sadly, we missed her by a couple of minutes but it was surreal that we were in the same vicinity as her!

And here's the ultimate 'tourist-y' picture of The Bean. I never knew this but "The Bean" is actually called The Cloud Gate. I think everyone should start calling it that since that's what the artist intended but you know, whatever floats your boat is fine. 

I hope you enjoyed my July favorites and a little glimpse of my weekend. What're your favorites for July?
xx Jenny

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  1. i have been meaning to get the nivea lip butter and benefit mascara for ages! i am definitely getting them after i have read this! love the pictures!xx