my july beauty wishlist

I first heard about Wen products through 'heyclaire' or Claire Marshall (visit her youtube here) and I thought it was an interesting concept. I always thought that shampoo and conditioner were the must haves to keep healthy hair, but this conditioner, is both shampoo and conditioner. You could also use this as a leave-in conditioner which is incredibly interesting, at least to me. I think I might give this a try soon because I have colored treated, damaged hair and using something more natural might be a good change. 

My ELF sun bronzer has hit pan and that left me on a scavenger hunt for the perfect bronzer. I have fair skin so it's hard to pick a bronzer color that's not too dark. The color 'Irresistiblement' is described to be a desert glow and in the pictures it seems like it's lighter than 'Laguna' which is also a well known Nars bronzer. I've swatched Laguna against my skin and it felt a little harsh for me. I've come to realize how important bronzer is. Not only can you make your hair slimmer but it also gives your face a natural glow.

Currently I use Nars Orgasm as my blush and I absolutely love it. I also have MAC blush in Springsheen and that's also a coral-y peach. I love those two colors but I want to branch out into different pinks. Whilst going through 'Products Worth the Hype' videos on Youtube, I saw that many beauty gurus said that this blush was definitely long-lasting and the colors were gorgeous. The color 'Dollface' is described to be a light pink and that's the color I want to try. Something more natural looking than the two coral blushes I have.

This is also a very hyped up product that most people recommend. It's long-lasting and the colors are highly pigmented. I've started to become interested in wearing lipsticks because now I'm tired to wearing chapstick that makes me look a little bland. Many reviewers comment how moisturizing this lipstick is and I definitely want to try it out. Fair skin is tricky to match lipsticks with, in my opinion. I think a light pink with a hint of coral will look nice, like Papaya. 

5. Caudalie Beauty Elixir $18.00 (for the 1 oz)
Another hyped up product! But, this also has great reviews. The only face mist I've heard was the Evian mist before seeing all of the other ones, like this Beauty Elixir. Thanks to my friend Julia (check out her blog here) this awesome product was brought to my attention. The smell is so refreshing and it would definitely be a great pick me up in the middle of the day; smelling-wise and also brightening up my face. I have combination skin and there are times when I get very oily, this seems to be the perfect solution during those moments. 

This product was brought to my attention by my mom. She used to use this a while ago and when I mentioned that I wanted to venture out into lipsticks, she recommend this product. She said it's like the Fresh Sugar Lip-balms but more on the lipstick side, I guess. It looks like the standard lipstick but it's more of a balm than lipstick because of the sheer color and moisturizing factor. I think the packaging is adorable and reminds me of all things girly. Along with the YSL Glossy Balm, I definitely want to try this.

I used to hate the idea of sitting in a tub for more than 10 minutes. Maybe it was because I got easily bored or I wasn't doing something right. Lately, though, baths have been my favorite. Sitting back in the warm water, reading a book or watching a movie in the steam-filled bathroom is my definition of relaxation. The bath experience isn't complete without something fragrant. I usually go for a bakery-like or sweet smelling environment when I take a bath. To me, it's incredibly relaxing and who doesn't love the smell of sweet treats? I remember Zoella, from Youtube, including this in her favorites. I think she mentioned the body butter of this scent but this also seems heavenly. The combination of almond, coconut, and honey all sound so perfect for that night of relaxation. It's definitely a splurge for 12 ounces, but I bet it leaves your skin feeling like velvet and the bathroom smelling like a bakery. 

These are the beauty products I hope to get, haha, and hopefully I do! What's on your beauty wishlist this month?
xx Jenny

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ps. Did anyone see the premiere of the last season of Skins? Oh my god. There is one word that describes that whole episode = flawless. This unreleased song by Ellie Goulding was revealed in that episode and it's amazing, take a listen!


  1. i just love nars for its bronzers and i use laguna alot. its so lovely and the color you picked looks awesome too.


  2. A really nice wishlist and I want alot of those as well!

    Christina xx