Lately, I've begun to notice that my style is starting to change. I remember thinking my mom's fashion sense was too simple and that there was always something missing with her outfits. As I'm exposed to more styles and outfits, I've started to question, maybe I was in denial. Zara was a store that I thought was too "mature" for me, but now, it's my favorite store. Their clothes are so simple yet enough to turn heads. You don't always need a crazy outfit to turn heads or to stick out of the crowd. A mix of simplicity could also have the same effect, which is what I've learned. Along with my new found love for simplicity, everything I've been buying lately has been either white, grey, or black. No, I'm not depressed, and no, I don't hate colour. I actually love that bright crazy "Jeremy Scott-ness" but lately the monotones have been calling my name. 

 Not only that, my style has been going back to its 'tomboyness'...is that even a word? Probably not. Anyways, I remember being a huge hoodie and Vans fan, and now that Jenny is coming back but with a more sophisticated flare. I've been enjoying high-waisted leggings, Vans, and a black hoodie and to add a more mature touch, I would throw on my military jacket or my new Zara coat (which is new in stores, so go check it out! It's absolutely to die for.) Now, I have to start saving my money up for those American 
Apparel disco pants and easy jeans to complete my basics. 

source; tumblr

I hope everyone is enjoying their winter break, I know I am. But sadly, I will be returning to school next Monday. But! It's going to be the end of first semester a week after that which means I'm a second semester senior! Now all I have in store for me is my college acceptance results...oh boy. In the meantime, I think I'll bust my account for even more clothes than I need. Never would I choose clothes over food, but, the time has come...clothes are just irresistible. 

What have you guys been up to this break?

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  1. Gorgeous pictures!!! You know, I think you hit upon the very definition of style...it's ever changing!

  2. thank you so much for taking the time to look through my whole blog! you have a beautiful blog.


  3. That is so well written, I agree with you 100%.
    You have a lovely blog, let me know if you would like us to follow each other. :)


  4. I love the first picture!! You have a very inspirational blog!! I glad I found you on ifb hope to see more of you!! Now following!!
    xoxo asiahlynn

  5. That exact phase I was going through last year :) And it's true, you don't need much to achieve great style. Love your blog, it's very inspirational, following on Bloglovin' x

  6. great pics ! love it !

    following you now, hope you follow back :)