the it bags

the it bags

Proenza Schouler backpack, $1,740 / Alexander Wang black purse, $670 / Yves Saint Laurent leather purse / STELLA McCARTNEY black purse / Proenza Schouler handbag 

I used to not get the hype of owning a designer bag but as I've grown older, I've finally seen the light. I see why so many girls lust over certain bags because, let's be honest, they're a beauty to look at. Sure they're expensive but in the end it's all about quality. They're pricey because it takes time for these bags to be made and they last, if you take care of them well, essentially forever. 

These are the bags that I've been lusting over lately and can't get them out of my head! Eventually I would love to own all of these but that's me thinking ahead of myself. Some people might think it's crazy to spend that much money on bags but if you're able to, why not? I picked these 6 bags because I think they're classics and will definitely go well with every outfit you wear. In general, black bags are neutral enough that they will compliment any outfit. These bags are also large enough to put in various other things other than your phone, wallet, and even a makeup bag. I'm notorious for stuffing random things inside my bag and these options will definitely allow me to keep doing that. 

What're some bags you guys are lusting over? 

x, Jenny

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