i can feel it in the air

The weather is Chicago is finally turning into normal! This week so far has either been sunny with a slight breeze or warm enough to not wear another jacket. I can feel that spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Thankfully, because my birthday is in eight more days and I wouldn't want to be brr-ing on my birthday. Although it's cliche, spring reminds me of florals and I love florals. The colors that I've been attracted to are more muted pastels, or I guess a dark toned pastel. 

Greens, yellows, corals, or lavender colors but not your average pastel colors. A more dark toned, which gives the colors much more sophistication, in my opinion. If you want to know what color palette I'm talking about, I tried to use those types of colors for the pictures here. Beige is always an awesome color for spring, especially paired with a forest green. 

Since I'm a high school senior, college and AP's are my main priorities at the moment. After AP's, all I have is graduation and my priority then is shopping, hanging out with friends, and updating my blog more often. What a great set of priorities to have, right? I can't believe I have only a month of school left. The workload has been incredibly 'lax lately. The teachers have assigned us homework (i.e. to "study" for AP's and our mock AP's) but y'know...who does that, haha.

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Hope you guys are enjoying the spring weather and possibly the days of summer! Hopefully the Chicago weather will be consistent...but who knows, it could start snowing tomorrow. Since the weather has been amazing lately, I will try to get picture posts up and running, but until then, expect a lot of inspiration posts!
xx, Jenny

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  1. Beautiful!

    xx MJ

  2. Absolutely love Lana as well! Your blog title is awesome! You just gained a new follower :)

    x http://mash-elle.blogspot.com

  3. Beautiful pictures, really enjoyed this blog post! :)
    Summer hasn't arrived to Denmark yet, hope it will arrive soon tho' ;)

    Christina xx