back to school

source; urban outfitters

I can't believe school starts in less than a month. I wish summer break was a lot longer, but obviously this is what every student wants and thinks about. I just found out my senior schedule and I'm actually quite satisfied, it's not too shabby. In a way, I'm sort of excited for senior year; gotta make the best of it. Anyways, since it's back to school, I made a collection of backpacks that I would use for school. I've always loved the cross-body bags but, for school, I prefer the old fashioned backpacks. These are all from Urban Outfitters (just becuase I was on their site this morning, ha) and I would definitely get these if they weren't so expensive..darn you UO. I think my backpack for this year will be the Fjallraven Kanken Backpack (buy here) that's the one on the top right corner. I've been wanting this backpack for a long time, and now it's time! I hope you guys liked this short post. I'll definitely post more tonight :) - jenny

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  1. I love the last two on the bottom. *O* Awesome backpacks. i'm in search of a nice pleather one for school!